No doubt internet is the great blessing for all of us. Few years back. PC’s were only used to watch films, to play games and or for some typing purposes in an ordinary home. But now with the help of internet connection we can do wonder on your personal computers. Millions of people are running successful business over the internet just by sitting at home. Have you ever though what will happen if your internet connection start troubling. On and off interruptions or low connectivity can piss you off of course. I don’t want this to happen therefore here in this article I am going to tell you guys the importance of IPV6 service and how it is important for better internet connectivity. And about IPHLPSVS service tuning on windows 7/8.

At first place people need to understand that IPHLPSVS service is really very important when it comes to internet connections. Things will not work in the proper way if your system has bad or weak connectivity. In short its nothing wrong in saying that better connection, better result. Let’s have a look how can you solve any problem related to IPHLPSVS in your personal computer or windows 7/8.


Before going into detail, a little introduction of IPHLPSVS is very important. As many of you don’t have much awareness of technical terms. Actually it is the important terminal, from which windows go through. It is responsible for proving better internet connection that’s why the regular IPHLPSVS service tuning is very important. No internet means your computer is of no use anymore. All you can do on a computer is to play offline games and that is it. So lets see how you can tune IPV6 service in PC.

How To Use IPHLPSVS Services.

(Method No 1)

Well let’s start now. There is a service that has responsibility of starting and stopping the work. This method is commonly known as service.mcs method that helps you to show the performance difference during start and end of the process. For this you just need to follow the simple steps below. Make sure, all the steps are being followed with special care. A little negligence can ruin the whole process.

  1.   All of above, just go to the start button and open it.
  2.   Here you can see “Search” option. This option is used to search different things from PC. Click on search.
  3.   This step is important. Once you have opened search button, now carefully write “Service.mcs” and go ahead.
  4.   Once the search has been completed, you will see number of different options on your screen.
  5.   There is no need to panic. Relax. Look for “start and stop IP helper”.
  6.   Now just press the “OK” button and close the window in front of you.
  7.   Now go to properties of IP helper. Here you will see “change General setting” option. Go for it.
  8.   Here you will see different options like Delayed, manual or automatic. Select automatic and click on “OK” button after that.

And you are done. Just follow the above steps. This procedure is best to solve IPHLPSVS service tuning problems in windows 7/8. In case you need to ask something regarding it, feel free to ask in the comment section.

(Method No 2)

For this method, you have to follow few instructions. Let’s have a look on them below

  1.   Go to start button again.
  2.   Now look for the option “Run”
  3.   After that enter “msconfig” and run the program.
  4.   After this process is completed. Look at the window on the screen and search for IP helper option.
  5.   Now the next step is “unchecking it” and you can do it with the help of the distributed link”

This step is best for the people who have undefined IPHLPSVS services. These steps will stop the services at a time and prevent the computer from any kind of damage or data loss. This procedure doesn’t involve any kind of risk, so feel free to follow the above steps without any fear.

(Method 3)

Now moving towards the third and the final method of IPHLPSVS service tuning. This method also involves few simple steps. Look at these steps below:

  1.   Go to start button again and click on the search option.
  2.   Now here write “msconfig” and starts the search.
  3.   This search will help you to locate IP helper. That is currently present in your computer.
  4.   Now go for the option “system configuration” and proceed all the services. Once you have click the ok button the screen that means you are done now.

Final Words:

So here is the complete guide of how you can start and stop IP helper at any stage. While performing any function just make sure what you are doing. A little mistake can damage the computer software and then you will be in trouble. All the above methods are easy and simple to follow. Just follow them with all your attention. These methods have one thing is common i.e all of them needs you to open the start button.

Note: before starting the process, don’t forget to recreate the backup system restore point. Thais because in case you have done something wrong, you can restore it and your computer will go back into a normal form again.


If you want to work efficiently on your laptop or PC it requires an efficient internet connection as well. Like your car or motor bike needs proper tuning every now and then, same is the case with IP helper too. If you are tuning it regularly it will work perfectly and as a result you will also work with perfection. I hope I made my point clear and all of you understood how to tune IPHLPSVS services on windows 7/8. In case of any queries comment below without any hesitation.